Temporary Employment (Agency Work) is a concept when DEKRA, as an employer, lease its EMPLOYEE (agency worker) to the CLIENT. DEKRA and the CLIENT conclude а Lease Contract, while DEKRA and the WORKER sign an Employment Contract after which the worker is LEASED to the client in compliance with the Temporary Employment Agencies Law in Bulgaria.

Benefits of Temporary Employment

  • We fill in job vacancies promptly and efficiently due to our large database of candidates and providing flexible and customised recruitment & selection services. :

  • Responsibility for all legal, administrative and financial issues and paperwork.:

  • Human Resource support (performance reviews, warning letters, terminations, contracts, maintaining personnel files);:

  • Access to labour lawyers and ensuring labour law compliance.:

  • Dispute resolution:

  • We perform all administrative activities that would otherwise be client’s responsibility: employment procedure, payroll, bank payments, tax payment, etc. - leading you to “one entry invoice” position.:

  • Our temp agency is liable for all provisions stipulated by the Labour Law.:

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