Job Search Advice

Job Search Advice

Here are several steps to get you started on the path to a new and better job.

  • Before you start browsing job sites, think about what you’re seeking. Do you want to stay in the same industry? Are you looking for the same kind of job, but for more money? What does the next step up look like for you? Are you ready for a step up? Think about what it is you really want in your new job. If you just kind of jump in without having a set plan or timelines around your job search goals, it will be easy to abandon the whole thing if you don’t get results right away.

  • Online search engines and other traditional job hunt tools are great assets to have—but don’t forget the human assets at your disposal. A lot of hiring is done because someone knows someone else who would be a good fit for that new job opening. And that means there are job opportunities out there that never see the light of day (or the search engine). Make sure your network is ever growing, and in good working order.

  • Most importantly, make sure you have an updated LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is among the most powerful tools to network and connect with strong professionals. Once your LinkedIn is up-to-date, turn on the option that says you're open to new opportunities. Additionally, follow companies you wish to work for, join industry-specific groups, and use their open job database to search for specific roles.

  • If you’re thinking about dusting off your old resume, maybe doing some find-and-replace on the dates, and sending it out, think again. If you want a better job you need a stepped-up resume game. That means creating a new resume masterpiece from scratch, with careful consideration about what you should be including, and how it reflects your career now.
  • It‘s important to have social media profiles that reflect your professionalism because employers frequently research their candidates by viewing their social media profile. Don't forget to conduct your own research, follow companies you're interested in, on Facebook, Twitter, and even Snapchat as many organizations are using micro-campaigns to find the best talent among younger professionals.

  • Companies trust their employees’judgment when identifying talent that will succeed at their organization. Take advantage of this and speak with individuals already in your network.

    Contact your family members, friends, prior and current colleagues to connect you with people that are looking to hire someone with your skillset and background. Your network is usually made up of people with similar interests, skills, and aspirations – someone you know might be your future boss.

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