HR challenges are not just our everyday work, they are our passion. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to have unique approach towards each task. Our clients are recognizing our devotion to the HR challenges and see a strong, reliable and longstanding partner in DEKRA.

  • Through a variety of assessment tools, DEKRA can assess the company needs including strengths and weaknesses of each employee. The aim of this service is to support the growth and development of the company, increasing productivity and profitability, as well as cultivation of people relation, leadership and management style and behavior. Our coaching uses a creative and collaborative approach in order to produce solutions integrated into business strategies. It is goal-oriented, with input from the organization and the employees. It is proactive to enhance effectiveness of high potential individuals. It is integrative to improve leadership effectiveness and accelerate new leaders’ value to an organization. It is corrective to align valued employees with critical performance goals. DEKRA training programs are tailored to Clients specific needs. Our methods are based on interaction, multimedia and experiential learning in order to develop new skills and tools for personal and organizational development. We offer a variety of training scenarios. Methodology is that the training is designed to be interactive with many exercises, examples, role plays, questionnaires, relevant and related to the participants. The trainers use audio-visual approach and individual and team-based exercises.

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Just imagine a world where teamwork leads to success. Working together. Supporting each other. This is what we stand for and what we will continue to represent.


As a strong community, we bring together people and work. Together. Collectively.


  • Humanity
  • Customer Orientation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Togetherness
  • Loyalty